The legendary restaurant right on the slopes

Open daily:


east hut open:

11am – 4pm (Open during the skiing season)

welcome to keloravintola and east hut!

The legendary restaurant right on the slopes

In addition to delicious food and superb drinks, we will provide you with good service that lets you enjoy whatever function you have organised at our restaurant. Food cooked from scratch using clean Lappish raw materials, and a cosy environment take you straight to a Lappish atmosphere. Domestic cooking, clean Lappish flavours as well as the best parts of the Finnish food culture.

In addition, you can choose grilled foods, pizza or tasty á la carte options. Our restaurant is fully licensed. Are you organising a party? We can also provide catering services.

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a small cafe next to east slopes

east hut

Our East Hut is a small cafe next to east slopes. East Hut is open during the skiing season. Although there is only a few seats inside, there is plenty of room in the sunny terrace. And in the colder days You can warm up next to the terraces decked fireplace. In East Hut we serve hot chocolate and coffee, and also cold drinks ( and drinks with alcohol ). You can also have sweet or salty self made bakerys, like donuts, buns and breads. You can come to East Hut by walking, by car, with down hill skis or with cross country skis. Warmly welcome!

Lappish raw materials

The pure nature of Salla and Lapland is our resource and food source. We offer cucumbers and tomatoes from Salla, salmon from Naruska, as well as reindeer and northern pike from Kemijärvi. In summer, we offer you local berries, according to availability. Our recipes are passed on from generation to generation. The instructions for baking rieska ( Lapland flatbread ) comes directly from Marjo´s and Maija´s mother. Our gingerbread recipe dates back to 1964. Occasionally, we experiment with old classics fused with local creativity, meaning you can get a Napoleon cake from us with local cranberries or lingonberries, for example.



We do not produce left-over waste and we carefully use all the precious ingredients. In the harvest season, we bake quiches with the left-over vegetables and if there is reindeer meat in the fridge, a reindeer quiche will be made that day. So, no food or precious ingredients are wasted by us. We always know the origin of the meat or fish, and often we even know who has picked and dried the mushrooms on your plate. We collaborate closely with Salla´s entrepreneurs and we all promote sustainable development.

We have stopped using unnecessary plastic and we also started bio-waste sorting in Salla.

We are Green Key awarded as a sign of our committed work for the environment. We also want to continuously develop our work.